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... stop on by our STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) promotion zone


Our interactive displays will include flight simulators from the Airline Pilot’s Association, Flight Simulator Association, RCAF Game Force and a virtual reality experience flying one of our very own Snowbirds!


We have our Aerospace Telecommunication Engineering Support Squadron on site displaying Sergeant Servo 2.0 robot who has been in service for over three decades! 


We can't wait to show off our new OSCER (On-Scene Controller of Emergency Response) truck that will be in service soon.  Head over to their kit shop if you’d like some swag! 


Voyageur Aviation has a display showcasing six machines and has partnered with General Dynamics Mission Systems – Canada to bring us the First Robotics Competition team Merge Robotics with a robotics display. 

RCAF Attractions will have a real-life CF-18 Hornet cockpit if you’d like to climb on in and get comfortable in the coolest seat in the RCAF. 


The Ninety Nines Inc. International Organization of Women Pilot’s will be present, with president Robin Hadfield and Lola Reid Allin. 


Loyalist College is bringing a fascinating 3D printing display as well as one of their drones for viewing.  Swing by to see all of this and more, and speak with professionals in various STEM trades about what opportunities await in the STEM world!

  • Flight Sim Association

Demonstration: Home Flight Simulation

Presented by Flight Simulation Association, organizers of the annual FlightSimExpo aviation and flight simulation convention.


Looking to leverage home flight simulation for personal or professional applications? Maybe you’ve heard about how flight simulation can help stay proficient between flights, or even add hours to your logbook. This hands-on demonstration will show how flight simulation—accessible on a computer, mobile device, or console from anywhere—can be used for training, proficiency, and fun!

Home Flight Simulation
Home Flight Simulation
Home Flight Simulation
Home Flight Simulation
  • ALPA Simulator

The Air Canada pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), invite you to explore the world of commercial aviation with their flight simulator. We ask that you consider making a donation to the Christina Thomson Aviation Scholarship, a scholarship that honours the late Christina Thomson, a beloved WestJet pilot, and will support future female pilots in Canada.

Pilots will be on board to share their career stories and answer any questions about what it takes to fly today’s modern aircraft.


The OSCER is the On Scene Control and Emergency Response vehicle, its primary purpose is to respond to emergency incidents and provide a command post from which the response team can coordinate emergency services personnel and equipment. It provides a flexible command and control suite that is both portable and adaptable to enable the command team to manage multiple services to respond to a critical incident in a timely and coordinated manner. Often the different emergency services have conflicting priorities by providing a command team to manage them the needs of the situation can be prioritized ensuring improved safety and security of personnel and protecting the scene for future investigation.

  • RCAF Attractions 

Experience the Thrill of Flight with the RCAF at QIAS!

Join us at the STEM Zone for an unforgettable experience brought to you by the Royal Canadian Air Force. Get an up-close look at a real CF-18 fighter jet cockpit. Plus, step into the world of aerial excellence with our Virtual Reality (VR) display featuring two state-of-the-art headsets.

Get Into the Cockpit of a CF-18 Fighter Jet

Experience the thrill of sitting in a real CF-18 fighter jet cockpit! Learn about flight controls, explore the cockpit layout, and immerse yourself in the world of fighter jet aviation. Don't forget to capture this unforgettable moment with a photo to share with your friends and family.

Fly with the Snowbirds

Ever wondered what it's like to soar through the sky with Canada's iconic aerial demonstration team? Now's your chance! Our VR experience puts you in the cockpit of a Snowbirds aircraft, allowing you to experience the precision and exhilaration of their world-renowned aerobatic maneuvers.

Discover the RCAF

Learn about the exciting career opportunities and cutting-edge technology of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to answer your questions and provide insights into life in the RCAF.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the thrill of flight with the Royal Canadian Air Force. Visit us at the STEM Zone and take your airshow experience to new heights!

RCAF Attractions
  • Voyageur Aviation 

Explore the 6 simple machines of engineering with Voyageur Aviation and discover their relevance to aviation! These machines play critical roles in aircraft operation and safety, showcasing the importance of engineering in aviation. Visit our tent to learn more about these innovative solutions!

STEM lineup 

  1. RCAF Game Force – Flight simulator

  2. On Scene Command of Emergency Response Vehicle – staffed by ATESS

  3. ATESS Kit shop

  4. ATESS Sgt Servo 2.0 Robot

  5. ATESS TACAN Family banner

  6. Voyageur Aviation + GDMS-C – 6 machines of engineering and MERGE robotics team

  7. Flight Simulator Association – Flight Simulator

  8. 2AMS Display – ACP/Load balance display

  9. ALPA Flight Simulator

  10. RCAF Attractions VR Snowbirds Setup

  11. RCAF Attractions CF18 cockpit

  12. 8 AR Res Flt Recruiting

  13. 99’s – female pilot promotion organization

  14. Elevate Aviation – DEI in aviation

  15. Loyalist College – 3D printing and Drone display

  16. IMP Aerospace – Ejection seat, lock-wire/riveting display, model snowbirds building

  17. NAVCANADA – Air Traffic Control display

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