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U - CC-144 Challenger

The CC-144 Challenger is used to transport government officials and foreign dignitaries. It also supports military operations in Canada and around the world.

The Challenger can quickly deliver passengers almost anywhere. Some of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Challengers are equipped to support emergency medical evacuations. They also have successfully supported many humanitarian and diplomatic missions.

412 Transport Squadron

412 Transport Squadron is the only 8 Wing Trenton unit based in the National Capital Region. The squadron maintains a 12 hour notice-to-move posture 365 days a year in support of Government of Canada and Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) global transportation requirements. Though primarily known for VIP transportation, the squadron also provides routine support to CAF operations in the form of command-and-liaison airlift and emergency aeromedical evacuation.

The squadron operates four CC-144 Challengers – two of which are civilian model Bombardier CL604 variants and two of which are civilian model Bombardier CL650 variants.

Transport Canada has been working with the squadron since the closure of Canadian Forces Base Ottawa in October of 1994 at which point it assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the four CC-144 Challengers. The relationship has since evolved and matured resulting in a more economical, efficient, and effective operation.

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