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 Jet Aircraft Museum CT-33

Jet Aircraft Museum has meticulously restored an ex-RCAF CT-133 Silver Star as a tribute to the 1960 

The Red Knight was a Canadian air force aerobatic display aircraft that operated from 1958 to 1969. The red-painted Silver Star performed aerobatics, and high-speed passes at airshows around North America, often appearing as an opening act for or in conjunction with the Golden Hawks team and later the Golden Centenaries, Canada's aerobatic teams of the early 1960’s. The Jet Aircraft Museum, a charity, run by volunteers restored its Canadair CT-133 133573 in 2017 to flying condition and continues to fly the aircraft to this day. The Museum is proud to fly the

Red Knight with retired RCAF pilots. You can learn more about the aircraft and the museum at

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